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A-Tech is now offering the Permagraft™ hair loss restoration technique!

Permagraft™ is as natural as growing hair ever could be!

The same properties evident in natural growing hair are also found in Permagraft™.
A naturally contoured hairline that begins with irregularly spaced hair increasing in density as the hairline progresses.
Visible scalp beneath the hair, from the hairline through the crown.
A flow and bounce to the hair that allows it to lie naturally even when it's messed.
The capability of the hair to turn and toss in wind, rain, and water.
Multiple directional movement of the hair for unlimited styling options.

Questions to Ask Yourself...

  • Are you tired of covering your hair loss problem under a hat or cap?
  • Do you want to look your age, younger or more stylish?
  • If you had hair, could it make you feel more confident at work and at play?
If you answered yes to these, then you need to come in for a free analysis to see if Permagraft™ is for you.
Permagraft™ corrects your hair loss problems.